Alchemical Practice

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The Alchemical Practice

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Member: International Alchemy Guild
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Welcome to The Alchemical Practice.

The Alchemical Practice offers unique spagyric herbal remedies using a modern take on an old Arte. All our ingredients and products are organic, grown on site, sourced locally and interstate or overseas. The final product is free from any added chemicals or synthetics and is of the highest purity and potency. Due to this high concentration, customers can administer our product through micro dosing, a new technique being applied by Complementary Medical Practitioners worldwide. This allows our product to bring more value for money to the customer than most other herbal supplements or tinctures on the market today.

The Alchemical Practice is based in Victoria, Australia and is owned / operated by a qualified Alchemist (Diploma: Alchemy and Hermetic Science) with over 10 years experience regarding the Arte of Spagyrics and Herbal Alchemy. Through the extensive study of these crafts we have gained an intense knowledge for medicinal and edible plants and minerals and how they can correspond to us on different levels of vibration and attempt to enhance the quality of life required by our customers.

 Alchemy is a forever giving arte and we put our life and soul into the work that we do here, making our own successful ongoing work in Spagyrics and Alchemy available to the everyday consumer.  It is part of our process to gain as much feedback as we can from our customers regarding the experience of using our products and are yet to be delivered any negative information. We encourage personal correspondence with customers to enable us to take a more holistic approach to one’s personal needs if required. Please contact us via email [email protected] through our website or via our facebook page  if you would like any further information regarding our products or any information on studying an Alchemy Course through The International Alchemy Guild.


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